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Analytics made at its ease.

"Everyone needs different data" –
Create customized dashboards to connect different data silos across different applications.

  • Unlimited Dashboards , Unlimited Data
  • No Code Builder
  • Real-Time Capability

Dynamic Dashboards

Connect Anything
Combine Anything

Find and share meaningful insights with hundreds of data visualizations, built-in AI capabilities, tight Excel integration, and prebuilt and custom data connectors

With Analytics

Without Analytics

Lack of real time information : Organisations without analytics are unable to see real time information Accurate real time information: Dashboards provide accurate real time information
Non-flexible towards change :Traditional analytics process are non flexible for change Flexible towards change: With dynamic dashboards you can view data in different ways as you need
Inconsistent view: Traditional analytics does not provide you a consistent view which unable to compare projects Consistent view: provides a consistent view which helps us to track progress
Non-Hierarchial data monitoring: In a normal dashboard data is visible to all employees Hierarchial data monitoring: In a dyanmic dashboard you can view data as per hierarchy
high cost: Cost of data monitoring is high Low cost: In a dynamic dashboard you can get all data in one place at low cost
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Use cases for Intelligent Analytics

With our Analytics platform you can analyze different kinds of data in desired ways

  • Data driven demographics
  • Pay by analysis
  • Performance analytics
  • Data driven ATS
  • Marketing analytics
  • Industry trend analytics
  • customer survey analytics
  • customer support analytics
  • Data driven sales analytics
  • Product Performance dashboards
  • Analytics of lead conversion rate
  • Sell through rate analytics
  • Analyze average response time
  • Analyze net promoter score
  • Analyze CSAT
  • Analyze Customer effort score
  • Automated inventory management
  • Automated order flifillment and delivery
  • Automated machining works
  • Automated Supplychain management